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How to prevent "hangover"?

5 Tips to Soften Your Hangovers

1 - Drink in Moderation

The best way to prevent a "hangover" is to consume alcohol in moderation. Human metabolism responds to interindividual and intraindividual variables, so we all react differently to alcohol. Some are very sensitive, and a few drinks are enough to induce acute intoxication, while others can consume abundantly without worry. Rest assured, these are exceptions with a richer enzymatic arsenal than yours. There is no secret; it's all about moderation.

2 - Get Good Rest

Quality sleep is imperative; our body needs energy to eliminate alcohol's toxic metabolites correctly. However, it is often disrupted by alcohol. To avoid this problem, consume your last drink at least 2 hours before bedtime, providing the body with additional time to metabolize alcohol. Lack of sleep worsens hangover symptoms, often leading to irritability, fatigue, or concentration problems.

3 - Hydrate Properly

Drinking water regularly before, during, and after any alcohol consumption helps prevent dehydration. Due to its diuretic effect linked to the inhibition of antidiuretic hormone secretion, alcohol mobilizes our body's water reserves. Regular hydration helps relieve symptoms such as migraines or fatigue. Don't wait until you're thirsty because it will be too late.

4 - Avoid Mixing

Some drinks still seem to be more harmful than others. Alcoholic beverages are rich in a complex composition, mainly containing ethanol and water, but also by-products from alcoholic fermentation such as organic compounds, tannins, or even highly toxic methanol. This is the case, for example, with whiskey, bourbon, or wine. Advice: Stick to one alcohol, preferably light-colored.

5 - Take a Dietary Supplement

Consuming alcohol will inevitably have a negative impact on your body. It depletes your vitamin and nutrient reserves, which need to be quickly replenished. Taking an appropriate dietary supplement will be of great help. Firstly, it provides your body with what it needs to eliminate alcohol properly. Secondly, it offers additional support against unwanted effects. Be vigilant in your research, as many companies make false claims.

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