Our mission

Hedonist Labs is more than just a dietary supplements company. We want you to fully enjoy every moment of your life, avoiding suffering, discomfort, lack of productivity, or sleep.

Combining work and pleasure, having fun while remaining responsible and healthy, is what we want to enable for you.


Science is rooted in everything we do. Our products and formulas have undergone in-depth research by a team of professionals, so it's important for us to inform our customers about the science behind our products. We want our customers to understand not only what they consume but also why it works and how it helps them.


2019 - During a dinner in a Parisian hotel, the co-founders decided to launch Hedonist Labs to help young professionals face the challenges of daily life, initially addressing one of the most pressing issues for them: hangovers, or more broadly, the consequences of alcohol consumption, even in moderation.

2020 - They launched their first product: Hang-over, a dietary supplement that helps the body fight against the undesirable effects of alcohol overconsumption

2021 - More products will follow to facilitate sleep, boost vitality, enhance immunity, and more!

Founders' Message

We believe that in Europe, there is a clear lack of offerings for functional drinks and products, that is, products that improve daily life and allow you to enjoy life while minimizing the consequences. Thus, Hedonist Labs was born.

Hedonism is a philosophical doctrine in which the pursuit of pleasure and the avoidance of suffering constitute the goal of human existence. Often confused with Epicureanism, we hope to popularize the term hedonism and restore its original meaning.

Our goal is to provide you with the best products, scientifically chosen and tested by ourselves, so that you can maximize your productivity, concentration, and take back control of your life!

Julien & Anthony