Les 4 étapes du "dry january"

Why should you take up#TheJanuaryChallenge?

Why should you take up #TheJanuaryChallenge?

Not drinking alcohol for a month and radically changing your relationship with alcohol can be intimidating. But this effort is a real benefit for your physical and mental health.

Here are the documented benefits:

71% of participants sleep better*

88% of participants save money*

71% of participants have improved their concentration*

Here are six tips to approach this challenge with peace of mind.

1 Don't be near alcohol

If you want to optimize your chances of lasting through this period without consuming, the first step is to eliminate alcohol from your home.

2 Anticipate moments when alcohol will be available

Dry January doesn't mean the absence of moments of conviviality. You just need to arm yourself with iron discipline and learn to say "no." If the opportunity arises to consume after meeting friends, during a business dinner, or at a family meal, resist the temptation.

3 Treat yourself

As a reminder, 88% of participants save money, which means you will have a budget to treat yourself and reward yourself for this effort. For example, you can start a fund for a trip and visualize this trip as a goal to achieve. It is important to stimulate the reward circuit to last the entire month.

Instead of a glass of wine or beer, buy or do something else that makes you feel good. Craving chocolate? Have some chocolate. Want to watch that movie for the eleventh time? Go for it!

4 Be accompanied

Alone, it's not very stimulating, but in a group, it quickly becomes a motivating challenge.

Gather a group of friends to motivate each other and gather for a drink without alcohol.

5 Fill your schedule

In January, the cold is here, and the days are short… even more, your activities are limited due to COVID-19. It's time to use this precious time to learn new things, have new hobbies, and maybe even start a new project.

Have you always dreamed of learning to dance or play an instrument? This is probably the right time… Especially with the money you'll save, you might be able to afford some lessons! And how about a new instrument.

6 Take a dietary supplement

A total natural detox that will stimulate your excretory organs to get rid of toxic metabolites that you have accumulated. HANG-OVER can be used at a rate of 1 tablet per day for 20 days to provide your body with what it needs to detoxify. It helps regain energy, rehydrate the body, promote alcohol elimination, reduce oxidative stress, and improve sleep quality.

*results from the study by the University of Sussex

Découvrez nos solutions bien-être, Hang Over et Aquapop, pour améliorer votre quotidien. Adoptez-lès dès maintenant et ressentez la différence !

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