deux tubes des compléments alimentaires contre la gueule de bois.

Why HANG-OVER is THE solution against HANG-OVER?

There are several remedies for a hangover, whether they are grandmother's tricks or medications found on the internet.

But it can't be stressed enough that it is important to check the sources. Self-medication is never recommended, especially if you don't know your medical history. It is always better to consult. This way, you will have more tailored solutions.

The risks associated with self-medication are numerous, and in most cases, medications should not be combined with alcohol.

The list is long, but the best thing to do is to ask your pharmacist or consult directly with a doctor.

To save you the sometimes tedious task of searching for a remedy, we have designed HANG-OVER, the ideal remedy for a challenging morning after a night of drinking.

What is HANG-OVER?

HANG-OVER is a remedy for veisalgia, the medical term for having a hangover.

Our co-founder, Julien, who is a pharmacist, noticed an increase in an unsatisfied need at the counter regarding what we have to offer as a solution to veisalgia symptoms: people instinctively turn to self-medication or medications they know, which, when combined with alcohol, can be discouraged or even harmful to the body.

By developing HANG-OVER, we aimed to create a natural and much healthier alternative to self-medication while maintaining an effervescent form.

Composed of natural ingredients, it is allergen-free and helps revitalize your body after a challenging morning after a party.

Its Components and Their Actions

HANG-OVER acts on the entire spectrum of hangover symptoms with its composition combining natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids:

  • Facilitates the elimination of acetaldehyde and reduces oxidative stress, thanks to the combination of vitamin E, grape seed extract, and N-acetyl-l-cysteine.
  • Provides energy through the combination of vitamin B6, vitamin C, ginseng, and ginger.
  • Reduces headaches through the combination of electrolytes and ginger.
  • Reduces nausea and digestive discomfort through the combination of vitamin B6 and ginger.
  • Promotes concentration through the combination of ginseng, melissa, and rhodiola.
  • Improves sleep quality through melissa.

How to Take HANG-OVER?

There are different dosages depending on the symptoms:

  • Preventive: 1 to 2 tablets before bedtime and 1 to 2 upon waking, to be adjusted based on symptom severity and consumption level.
  • Curative: 2 tablets immediately and 2 more 12 hours later.
  • Detox: 1 tablet per day for 20 days, perfect for detox before the holidays or after a period of excess.

Dissolve in a large glass of water (50cl).

Feel free to consult your pharmacist for more details.

What Do Consumers Think?

Available in pharmacies, HANG-OVER is approved and recommended by pharmacists. Compared to other hangover products on the market, HANG-OVER stands out for its high scientific value.

HANG-OVER never fails to satisfy its customers with its effectiveness: 62% of symptoms are reduced.

Discover verified reviews from our customers on the website.

And remember, moderation in alcohol consumption is the best remedy.

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