Main tenant une bouteille d'eau en plastique et la renversant, avec de l'eau s'écoulant sur fond de ciel bleu clair.

The dangers of dehydration during your ski vacation

Dehydration + Skiing = Danger

Dehydration is a serious issue that every year leads to numerous accidents, particularly dangerous during skiing or snowboarding. Simply put, the combination of cold and dry air and physical effort can facilitate dehydration.

On the slopes, one of the main dangers of dehydration is that it can affect your riding performance. When you're dehydrated, your body cannot function properly.

This results in a feeling of fatigue, lethargy, and difficulty concentrating.
This might sound familiar, as these are the same symptoms as a hangover, because your body is dehydrated.

This can make skiing and/or snowboarding more dangerous.

You can anticipate this problem by consulting our article: Staying Hydrated During Your Ski Vacation, and following the advice of hedonists.

  • Start your day with an effervescent tablet of HANG-OVER in a large glass of 50cl water. Rich in electrolytes, you will stay well-hydrated throughout your day in the mountains. In addition to its electrolytes, its composition allows you to boost your body to better conquer a new slope!
  • It is also important to dress appropriately and cover your skin to protect yourself from the cold and dry air. A face mask or neck gaiter can help keep your skin moist and prevent it from drying out.
  • Also, pay attention to your body's thirst signals. If you feel thirsty, it's probably already too late.

By following these tips, you can prevent dehydration and stay healthy and safe during your winter ski vacation.

Stay hydrated and enjoy the slopes!

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