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The alcohol consumption of the French during the Christmas holidays

Yule log, turkey, foie gras... As the end-of-year festivities approach, many of us want to prepare our bodies for the upcoming excesses. Hedonist laboratories have delved into this matter and present you with some tips to apply before these events:

Do not fast or deprive yourself before the D-day

Contrary to what one might think, skipping meals before the eve of the celebration is not a good idea at all. When you fast, you consume fewer detoxifying elements that are essential for the liver, especially if you consume alcohol and rich dishes later on. It is thus very bad to do so in the week preceding the celebration. Your body will then store in large quantities, and you will gain more weight than by doing nothing. You are also likely to be hungry and rush to the appetizers. It will be important to eat well, so as not to starve or deprive yourself. So, what foods/meals should be favored?

Opt for lighter meals and satisfying foods

A few days before Christmas and New Year's Eve, your stomach needs a break. As we mentioned before, it's not about going on a diet. We focus on light and balanced lunches and dinners. We eliminate from our menu all foods rich in fats, quick sugars, cold cuts, pasta, cheese, chocolate, sweets. The goal is to purify the body and protect the liver as much as possible from excess. Processed products are also to be avoided. During these end-of-year festivities, take the time to discover a new passion for cooking.

Prioritize green foods

To prepare your digestive system for the upcoming lavish meals, focus on easily digestible green foods rich in nutrients, fiber, and minerals, such as broccoli, romanesco cabbage, watercress, zucchini, or spinach. Opt for whole fruits rather than fruit juices. The goal is to fill up and awaken the feeling of satiety to avoid snacking on too fatty, salty, sugary, or processed foods.

Stay well-hydrated throughout the day

Beforehand, try to limit all sugary or alcoholic drinks such as sodas. To drain and eliminate toxins, it is preferable to drink water, tea, herbal teas... Similar to green vegetables, water has an appetite-suppressing effect, preventing cravings and snacking. It will be important to drink throughout the day. Sports enthusiasts, you are particularly concerned with this section since according to many studies, we know that 1% dehydration would be equivalent to a 10% loss in performance. Our Hang Over dietary supplement contains a set of electrolytes to keep your body hydrated.

Do not skip physical exercise

As you prepare to participate in a culinary marathon, the body must be prepared like that of a top athlete. It's not about embarking on a major physical preparation, but simply walking for a few minutes, walking or cycling to work instead of taking public transportation. You can also do some cardio or strength training exercises without equipment, warm at home. Remember, public health recommendations encourage you to engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

Ensure quality sleep

To arrive in great shape to face the end-of-year festivities marathon, make sure to sleep well in the weeks leading up to it. Indeed, sleep regulates a huge number of factors in the body (emotions, stress, memory, cell regeneration...) For this, a light evening meal is recommended. We will also emphasize all foods rich in tryptophan, an enzyme precursor to serotonin, the sleep hormone. Avoid being glued to your phone in bed; this will complicate falling asleep, as blue lights should be avoided in the evening. Aim to use candles instead.

Detox with Hang-Over after the festivities?

Did you know? It is also possible to use Hang-Over for detoxifying purposes. For this, you will need to take one tablet a day for twenty days to purify the emunctories (liver, gall bladder, intestines, kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin). The goal of this detox is to allow our body to rid itself of accumulated toxins and thus clean our "terrain" to regain or maintain our well-being. You will feel better in your skin and lighter, which seems essential after this long series of festive meals.

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