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HANG-OVER and Sleep Quality

Melissa officinalis L., comprises more than 20,000 plant species and is used in various traditional medicines around the world. [1]


This plant is traditionally used against mental and CNS disorders, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, various cancers, as well as a memory enhancer, heart tonic, antidepressant, sedative, and antidote. [2,3,4,5,6,7]


Phytochemical research on M. officinalis has revealed the presence of various phytochemicals, including terpenes like rosmarinic acid (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and triterpenes) and phenolic compounds (phenolic acids, flavonoids, and tannins). [8,9] The main active constituents of M. officinalis are volatile compounds (e.g., geranial, neral, citronellal, and geraniol), triterpenes (e.g., ursolic acid and folic acid), and phenolic compounds (e.g., cis and trans isomers of RA, derivatives of caffeic acid, luteolin, naringin, and hesperidin) [10,11,12]



The results of an open prospective pilot study (in stressed volunteers with mild to moderate anxiety and sleep disorders) showed that oral administration of Cyracos (a patented standardized extract of M. officinalis leaves containing over 7% RA and 15% hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives) at a dose of 600mg/day for 15 days significantly reduces anxious manifestations by 18%, improves anxiety-associated symptoms by 15%, and decreases insomnia by 42%. [13]

These results demonstrate that melissa is an interesting ingredient in managing veisalgia.


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