Photo d'un homme en chemise bleue se touchant le menton, l'air pensif ou préoccupé,en train de réfléchir aux conséquences de l'automédication avec de l'alcool.

Alcohol and Self-Medication: A Bad Idea?

The Dangers of Self-Medication in Managing Hangovers

Self-medication is a term defined by the WHO as the therapeutic management of certain diseases using over-the-counter medications. This definition evolves with the concept of self-care, which encompasses an individual's ability to promote health, prevent diseases, and maintain well-being.

In France, this phenomenon can quickly become problematic when it infiltrates alcohol-fueled gatherings.

Thinking they are taking the right step, individuals may visit a pharmacy to purchase medication. However, their choice may lean towards substances that can worsen their condition and are often unnecessary for hangover symptoms.

Some examples:

  • Aspirin increases alcohol concentration in the blood.
  • Paracetamol is heavily metabolized by the liver, already busy eliminating alcohol, making it toxic.
  • For nausea, some antihistamines (Nautamine, Nausicalm, etc.) are used, but they induce decreased alertness due to their hypnotic properties. (1)

It's important to note that over 150 medications negatively interact with alcohol, some causing Antabuse effects.

What is Antabuse effect? It is an unpleasant physiological reaction caused by the accumulation of acetaldehyde (a toxic metabolite of alcohol). The Antabuse effect leads to symptoms such as facial flushing, warmth, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

So, what should one do?

Alcohol consumption leads to dehydration. It is crucial to stay well-hydrated by drinking water.

It's worth noting that coffee, besides being acidic, can exacerbate dehydration. Opting for black tea, also rich in caffeine, may be preferable when waking up.

You can also assist your body with this issue using an innovative product, Hang-Over by Hedonist labs. It effectively helps rehydrate, detoxify, and regenerate your body.

(1) Over-the-Counter Medications – The Good and the Bad, Editions de La Martinière (2011). 571 p.

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